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About us

KEY Robotics is a customer-oriented and innovative company with a wide expertise in the field of industrial robot automation and logistic solutions. Our experience extends over different branches, several brands of robots and possible handling-principles for a large scale of products.

More information

The manager/owner of KEY Robotics, Maarten Keijzers, has an experience of many years as a product and general technical manager.

Maarten has an honest and pragmatic approach to business and has a talent for filtering important facts out of a complex set of information. He is curious, practical, logical, analytical, objective and good at making detailed action plans. He is an excellent system designer and enjoys building them together with other people.

Maarten is capable of obtaining information by asking relevant questions. He designs indisputable, well thought-out plans and is able to get to the core of the matter in order to implement an effective solution. His work is logical, practical and feasible.


Key Robotics is at home with ‘Turn-key’ robot automation projects. We have our own staff to create the complete designs  and work with specialized partners during the implementation phase of the project. Our expertise lies in designing tailor- made solutions for companies and organisations. We offer innovative possibilities and solutions.

System updates

Minimal adaptations can often improve the reliability and/or capacity of your robot system. At the same time it can be very rewarding to replace the existing robots by a type of a newer generation. Depending on the application substantial increases in capacity are to be realised. Are you looking for improvement of your system? Ask about possibilities at Key Robotics.


To ensure the continuity of your robot system, Key Robotics with its partner Alpha Robotica, can offer you an extensive service package. We provide preventive maintenance, parts sale, and call-out service in order to resolve possible malfunctions. Support outside office hours and guarantied response time for breakdown intervention services can be offered in several contract forms.


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